Birth - Jiggy x Bull

I expected Jiggy to give birth to her second litter on January 1st... But nothig happened... Not the day after... Or the day after that. I got a little worried and called the vet, who told me to not worry yet. A few hours later Jiggy's temperature started to drop. I was so relieved that it seemed that the delivery would start on it's own. The next day Jiggy was beeing restles but the birth did not really seem to be starting. I called the vet again, and she again told me to be calm and call her late that evening if nothing had happened. A few hours after talking with her Jiggy started her contractions. Phew... Once again. Almost 2 hours later her water broke... And we were expecting the arival of the first pup soon. But after 40 minutes nothing had happened and Jiggy's contractions had stopped completely after the water broke. Again I called the vet... If nothing had happened after 4 hours we should come to the clinic.

We took Jiggy for a walk, and that surely got things started. She started serious contractions as soon as we got in the door and we could see that the puppy was on it's way. 15 minutes later a very black boy was delivered. The pup was big... Much bigger than in the last litter, so a good reason why the birth was not as easy as last time. After the first pup the rest came with half an hour between them. They were all very big and even in size. We got 3 boys and 2 girls. 

After the delivery of the last puppy Jiggy got really calm and she was very good at taking care of the puppies right from the start. 
Photos from birth
Photos from birth
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