All Zet Always A Pleasure Zoya

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All Zet Always A Pleasure Zoya

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Tina Tøndering


Kennel All Zet


47 cm


14 kg







DNA normal


DNA normal

Crazy to think that two years have passed togeteher with my wonderful princess. Zoya is a ray of light, that brings me much joy every day (and sometimes a lot of worries). She makes me smile with all her funny, lovely and nice way of being, and she makes my days much better. She is a VERY social dog, and she feels best if someone is cuddling her. If she is not satisfied, she will show you with her nose where and how you should be doing it. She is a quite good guarding dog, and she can make quite a lot of noice if a sound catches her attention. Unfortunately many sounds catches her attention... But maybe this is just because she is still young. Zoya and Murphy is very good friends and go well together in daily life. Zoya knows when to stay away from Murphy and Murphy knows when to stay away from Zoya... She can be quite the "bitch" some times ;o).

Unfortunately we have not been training much agility lately because of an injury in her back/back leg. Instead we have been training rally obedience. We have been at our first competition and she got maximum points and won the class... See the video here:

Zoya winning her first rally competition

Zoya also enjoy doing tricks. Her favorite trick is "go crazy". In that trick she grabs anything she can get a hold on and shakes it violently and jumps around and growls.
Zoya also gets to goes swimming, and she is getting really good at it. She really got to love the water after we swam together in the ocean this summer.    

The last agility video I have of Zoya is from the training of our running a-frame:

Zoya training the running a-frame

Zoya is doing great ;o). Tina has send me some new pictures of lovely Zoya... Look in her album here.

Zoya is doing some agility. Super girl.

Zoya's agility training is going really well. Zoya learn very fast. She is super fast and intense and she is a dream to work with.But sometimes she looses her head and needs a break. Up untill now we have been working mostly on jumping technique and a little sequencing, and know we have started the contact training - I have finally figured out how I am going to train it.

Zoya has also been introduced to following a trail. She is very good but still have much to learn, but she shows such a big understanding for new things that is introduced to her.

Zoya is allways ready to work and play... You just have to say her name and she will be there. She allways makes sure to stay close to me, so she won't miss out on anything. When she really needs to relax, she lies so close to me that she touches my feet or legs, so she can feel that I am there. 

She likes to mess up the house by spreading all of her toys all over the house. She loves her toys and allthough she has a great respect for Murphy she does not allways want to share her toys with him.

She greets other dogs in a good way, but if she feels that the other dogs does not respect her signals she can growl at them to try to get some more space. After training in the local club she runs and plays with all the different dogs with no problems at all.

Thank you for a great girlie. She is allways happy and up to trouble... All I could wish for

Zoya's first show:
Vejen 28.7.2011 Junior class
Judge: Christina Bailey, England
Very feminine, 10 months old, young female, still very raw, good head, good foreface, good neck and front, good bone, excellent topline, very good rear angulation, just needs time to develop, moved OK
Zoya got 2. price (Very Good) and a blu ribbon

Zoya did a lot of sniffing in the ring so did not get to show her movement very well, but I am super happy especially about the excellent topline and very good rear angulation... That is so important for an agility dog ;o)


Tina has been training 5 different tricks with Zoya and a hula hoop... Zoya is so sweet take a look:

And here is a jumping technique video
Zoya is 10½ month old in this video

Zoya is doing some puppy jumping. She is so fast and cute ;o)

9 month update:
Zoya still loves people and dogs and she loves to play with as many as possible. Zoya is still training cik/cap around trees and she is doing some puppy jumping. Zoya loves to work.

Zoya also does some obedience training and tricks training. She is amasingly smart and she is very quick to get the idea, when training something new. Maybe some time is the not so far future Zoya may have her debut in rally obedience.  

Zoya sometimes shows signs of being a teenager and sometimes need to be told twice what to do. She loves playing with her waterbowl when she is home alone and she loves to pull the stuffing out of all her toys.

She is much better at not herding cars, but sometimes needs to be reminded not to look at them either. Zoya has started to sheed and she has learned beeing vacumed ;o).

Zoya and Murphy almost playes every day and Murphy takes good care of Zoya. Zoya gets a good sniff from Murphy if she has been out on her own talking with other dogs.

Thank you for a super puppy. I am grateful to have just this puppy - she is adorable, beatifull, clever, allways ready to work and makes me smile with all the funny things she does.

Tina & Zoya

Zoya has started doing some puppy jump grids... and she is so good at it ;o)

Zoya Showing some of her tricks off.

Zoya 6½ month old doing some basic agility training in the garden.

6 month update. Zoya now weighs 11,3 kg and she is 46 cm heigh.

Greeting from Tina and Zoya:
Zoya is a very happy puppy.. She loves all people as sister See Me.. Sometimes I have to remind her, that she got 4 feet to use, and not only the 2 of them.
We have startet a bit of agility training without obstacles and only in the garden. We train cik and cap around the trees in the garden, and she loves that. We train to stay at the startline, and to go forward. She also knows how to run through a tunnel..
Some weeks ago we started obedience training. I am so satisfied with her. The first time at training she was a STAR. She showed all the other dogs, that she was a real border collie with a brain. She made all the exercises so good and much better than some of the older dogs at the class. She is the youngest – but you couldn't see that, when we made the exercises. I am so happy with her ability to learn.
Unfortunately she loves herding cars. So we have much training not to do that. Some times it is good and others times not.
A funny thing Zoya does: Zoya sometimes looks at the television like pappa Fetch..She is particularly interested when there are other animals or children saying fun noises. 
Best regards, 
Zoya and Tina

Zoya's first time swimming


I have been and visited Zoya. Zoya is just so so happy and it was just really great to see her again. Tina has started cik cap traning with Zoya and I think that they are doing a great job allready.

New pictures in Zoya's photo album.

Take a look at Zoya's cik cap training:


New pictures in Zoya's photo album


Zoya is such a great puppy. She love doing tricks and she learns so fast.. 2 wrong click and I have a wrong behavior. But I see it as a positive problem. I just need to be precisely in my click and in training.
She is very friendly to every one she meets. She has been a little afraid of other dogs – but in the last 2 weeks she finally got some dog friends, she can play with. She has 2 in the puppyclass, and my grandpa’s german shepherd in 6 years..
Zoya and my other border collie Murphy has had some problems with each other.. But it is going better and better for every day.. And now they have finally started playing together, really playing not only run and run in the garden.. I am very happy, finally to see my to dogs play.
I have brought Zoya into the city to buy Christmas presents, and she was so sweet. In the book store she just sat and waited, while I was reading on the back off the books.. She just waited for her treat, because she was being so sweet. We also met little band playing Christmas songs, she didn’t notice and just walked on.


New pictures in Zoya's photo album.


Zoya learns very quickly and she allredy knows quite a few tricks. Zoya is looking forward to becomming an agility dog... When she is at puppy class and they have to go over the little dogwalk Zoya always want to go over the dogwalk twice. Tina tells me that she really likes working with Zoya and below you can see two trainingvideos.

Doing the elephant

Training with a target stick

Zoya is living with Tina Tøndering and her 5 year old border collie Murphy in Jutland, Denmark. Tina will be doing agility, rally obedience and tricks with Zoya. Tina has achieved to become Danish national champion in DCH in 2006 and 2008 with two different dogs. Tina has also won a regional championship with a borrowed dog. Tina hopes that Zoya will have a great potential, so that Tina can compete a a high level in Denmark and maybe even join the national team. 

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