All Zet All Jazzed Up

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All Zet All Jazzed Up

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Margit Luts


Kennel All Zet


46,5 cm 


13 kg






Clear as puppy


DNA normal


DNA normal
Uninherited cataract

Another year has gone very quickly… Jazzie is enjoing her life in full. She is a very awesome agility dog.

Jazzie is very calm and nice in her daily life, but at the same time she is fully oriented to work and is so energetic to do anything. At the present moment the main emphasis of our training sessions are handling and contacts. Our obedience training is also going well, so one day we will be ready to compete in obedience as well.

Jazzie now officially competes in class A1. Although initially only on jumping courses as the contacts are not so good yet.

We failed on the first competition - but it was purely my fault. Jazzie is ready to compete but I have yet to improve myself. She was concentrated during competition, I thought that maybe she wasn’t ready for this very stressful situation, but she managed to do very well.

Margit has made a very nice homepage for Jazzie... Take a look here:

Jazzie training running contacts

Nice video of Jazzie just being Jazzie and enjoying her life

Margit has just uploaded two videos of Jazzie's training. Jazzie looks so much like Jiggy and Jazzie is super fast and happy. In the first video you can see some weave training from November and i the next Running Contact training from September.

1 year update:
This year has been a very special year what has gone by very quickly. A little border-puppy has become a wonderful companion and we see that she is starting to be „I’m-crazy-about-agility“ dog! Jazzie is truely an energy bomb, a restless hiking and playing mate, but on the same time a lovely obedient doggy who always comes and sticks her nose on your knees or scraches you with a paw – hey let’s do something. And when she is tired, then she knows how to enjoy the comfortable and quiet places. Very tired Jazzie is a snoring Jazzie! Together with Dea they are a couple of crazy animals who sometimes comes „flying“ round the garden with ultra speed... Jazzie has always some clever „catch me tricks“ that really turn Dea on! Jazzia loves all people and she also like most dogs – sometimes is she a real warrior of course. Jazzies favorite toy is a ball – a fetch game can be played till the cows come home...So, we can’t complain about the activity. We now have a real slalom in my own garden and soon we are starting to learn the 2x2.

9 month update:
Jazzie is really very brisk and very loos-limbed and absolutely perfect puppy. She was sooo good puppy in obidience today, calm, no barking, so good girl! In this weekend there is a big dog show in Tallinn, so I have planned to take a time and visit the show with Jazzie that she can learn more good behaviour among the other dogs. 

In the video you can see Jazzie from 11 weeks to 9 month. You can see more videos on Jazzie's youtube channel.

Video of Jazzie playing in the snow in Estonia. The video was taped 1½ month ago.

6 month update. Jazzie now weighs 11,2 kg and is 45,2 cm tall. Margit tells me that Jazzie has brougth lots of new energy to her family.

New pictures in Jazzie's photo album.

As 5 month old Jazzie was 42 cm tall. She is doing great with Margit and they have started puppy trainig. Jazzie is doing ok in obedience, but she thinks that agility training is way more cool.


Jazzie is doing wonderful. A little sweatheart weights 6,6 kg and height is 40 cm. (22nd of dec) She is very leggy and we like it very much. Jazzie is already very fast when she runs in our garden. And she likes to learn new tricks – she learns them so quickly!

Last two weeks we have been doing a lot of socializing with her. We have visited many different places and she has behaving extremly well and she is not afraid at all. We visited last Sunday our Christmas Market at Tallinn Old Town Square. There was very many people and on top of that the Cambridge University Choir was performing some christmas songs there (it was quite loud) but Jazzie was very calm and behaived like she would be at home. She got a lot of attention and was very friendly with everyone even with a Santa Claus! She did a trick for him in ordrer to get a candy (candy was for for me but she got her reward from me in return J). On the same day we took a dram and made a short ride with it. She wasn’t afraid at all even the drams are quite noisy. She was just sitting on the floor and watching other passangers.

On the one evening this week we visited our Festival Ground wat turns every winter into the City Winter Center where children can do a lot of winter activities (sledging, skiing, snow tubing, skate boarding etc.). Jazzie was again very good girl. No problems at all.

Last weekend we had a puppy’s „Toe Tipping Party“ with my agility club at our place. Dresscode was rose. It went very well and everyone at our club likes Jazzie.

When it comes to inhouse situation then Jazzie and Dea are still great buddies and getting along very well. They have realised each others positions in house and respect it. It’s so nice to monitor how they are dealing with each other.

So, to sum up – everything is so great here in snowy Tallinn and Jazzie enjoyes a life! And of course we have so many snow and quite cold – a perfect Christmas weather...


New pictures in Jazzie's photo album.


Greeting from Margit:

"Jazzie is staying home with Heiki and they have spent lot of good time. My old Dea has really got a very good play buddy and I haven’t notice any jelaous at all. Jazzie was a bit noisy at the first night only (was sniffing around, woke me up several times), but the next days she was like at home: lot of playing, good appetite, very curios of everything, enjoying snow and football. She also have met our neighbour’s dog ( little spits) and they seems to like each other very much. Jazzie enjoys playing with Dea (and vice versa). They both like this tugging game. Very often Jazzie outtricks Dea and then startes catch me- game. Its really fun to observe it, one is so little and the other is so big, but they macht perfectly. Dea has found that it is very cool to have great companion.

Yesterday I visited my Agility Club and showed our new little face. She was so brave and didn’t scare anything, so was already a star and started to play with other dogs.
Heiki has also visited petshop with Jazzie and Jazzie got everyones attention (and free treats).

I already started with clicker training and it is so fun how the other bigger dog is so inspirering for Jazzie. Jazzie is really smart and with the very clever eyes and I see sometimes that she has planned a lot of very clever things as well (if only allowed)."


I have uploaded a couple of pictures of Jazzie in her photo album.

Jazzie is now living in Talinn in Estonia together with her family Margit, Heiki and Carl and the Old English Sheepdog Dea. Jazzie will do agility with Margit at a high level.

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