All Zet Addicted Tugger

Pedigree name:

All Zet Addicted Tugger

Call name:




Date of birth:



Martti Kuldma


Kennel All Zet










Clear as puppy


DNA normal


DNA normal

New pictures in Tug's album.

Greeting from Tug and family:

Tug has three trainings per week now. Once obedience (I am going), once playing school and this week he started with agility trainings (Martti is going).
Tug can stand and walk by your side, turn 180 by your side;  sit, lay, hold the poses (lay and sit) when we are 5-10 meters away. He knows commands like: sit, lay, here, stop, stand, play, rest, onto – he can jump onto the chair or somewhere else. We are practising poses: lay-stand-lay; sit-stand-sit; lay-sit-lay. Last time we learned how lay by your side and how to jump on the lap. It was fun.
He is already 6 months old and his coat is now longer and thicker. Good is that he does not bark any more when we are at work and maybe he is too big friend with everyone.
Mattias says always that he starts missing me if I am week away, but he starts missing Tug if he is day away. Tug is more popular than I am.


New pictures in Tug's photo album.

Tug is doing great and is going to obedience training once a weeks with Marika and once a week he goes to a play/activation class with Martti.


We are all very well. Tug is just a wonderful dog. We all love him very much and he loves us. Tug is really a clever dog. He learns really quickly. We both, Martti and I, are going to puppyschool.

Tug can sit, down, twirl, give the paws with both paws, stand by your side, now we started to learn walking next to us and how to pass a tunnel. He also goes in the box and likes to jump and play. He goes outside to pee and before he wanted to go out at night (4-5 pm), now he goes at 7. It is really good for us.

He likes snow, we call him snowdog, because he jumps into the deep snow and plays there. Children are running around the house with him and we are taking longer walks. His weight is 10 kg.

He is with us in the office on weekdays and mostly he behaves good. Sometimes he gets bored and barks, but our bosses have not said any bad words yet. Anyway Tug is very good reason to go for walks during workday and we can take tuns.

There are new pictures in Tug's album.


Tug is enjoying his new life in Estonia. I have seen Tug playing via live webcam and Martti has uploaded this video of Tug playing with a little ball to youtube... So cute.

Tug is now living in Talinn in Estonia together with his family Martti, Marika, Mattias and Mirjam. Tug will be Martti's new agility dog and Martti hopes to be competing at a high level. Tug will also do obedience and go with Martti on orienteering runs. Martti have allways had dogs in his family and have been doing agility for 6 years. The last dog Martti competed with in agility was in class 3.

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