This past week two puppies have left me. See Me has moved to Dorthe and Jørgen in Denmark, Ringsted. Zoya has moved to Jutland with Tina Tøndering. I have heard that everything is going just fine in their new homes and I have had lots of pictures send to me.

The other puppies have been well socialized this past week. They have been for several walks on the beach and other places and we have had them on walks in the neighborhood on leash... They are getting pretty good at walking on a leash by now. Today we were on the beach and they enjoyed it a lot... Running around in the sand and the grass and up and down hills in high speed! This is the hardest exercise they have ever had in their life! It is actually not that difficult to take the puppies for a walk anymore. They follow the grown up dogs very well and they are also very good at coming when I call them. It is just so much fun taking 7 dogs for a walk ;o)

The first foreign puppy buyer will arrive from USA the day after tomorrow, really exiting to meet Barb who I have been e-mailing since January Ï think. Saturday Rosanne also from USA will arrive... Looking so much forward to it.

This week I will not take the individual pictures of the puppies or make a video because they are not all with me anymore.

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