The puppies are getting more and more energetic and brave. They are out in the garden almost everytime they are awake and they are actually on their way to becoming house trained. The prefer to do "number two" outside and they actually did not make a single poo the other day when I was away at work from 9-15.30... Pretty impressive. I still have to be quick to let them out if I want them to pee outside. They are very energetic and are awake about an hour at a time right now and sleep for 1-2 hours. They are very brave and run around in the whole garden exploring.


Jiggy is starting to correct the puppies. She still gives them milk, but she does not like them to take a meal from her when she walks past them afterwards. The puppies are also starting to learn doggy language from Jiggy and each other, so they are starting to accept if Jiggy correct them... They stop and walk away.


Today they have been for the first drive around the neighborhood. No problem in that... Several of them fell asleep. They also got their first chicken leg today... Wow they liked that... And wanted to keep it for them selves.


We have had a lot of children visiting this week. Jiggy is happy and the puppies are just as happy about kids as grownups. 







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