Sunday the 4th of Juli the trip to Italy began. We drove for two days and made a stop over night in Germany. We arrived late Monday at Marco and Francesca's home. Marco and Francesca lives In the moutains near Verona, so the last couple of kilometres to their home was quite an experience. The view from Marco's house was really amazing!

We met Fetch the first night and he was really lovely. Of course he was really interested in Jiggy and Jiggy was quite interested in him, but when he tried to jump on her back she rejected him. Apparently she was not ready. Tuesday and Wednesday day the same thing happened. Late Wednesday night when Fetch came home from agility training both Fetch and Jiggy showed a bit more interest in each other. Fetch tried to mate Jiggy again and this time she did not reject him... and then the most annoing thing happened... Fetch was "getting his thing on" and ended up delivering all of the "Fetchollinis" of the ground!!! Ohhh no! We waited an hour and tried again and this time the mating was a success. What a relief. Jiggy and Fetch mated again Thursday, twice Friday and once Saturday. So five successful matings - great!

Fetch is a really nice dog. He is very happy to work and keeps an eye on Marco to see if there is a possibility to get to do something. Fetch is quite calm at home; several of Marco's other dogs where barking when someone drove or walked by the house, but I only heard Fetch bark once. He was friendly towards other dogs and people... He was actually quite submissive to a male tervuren of Marco's. One day we where at Marco's agility course and saw Fetch work. Fetch is 100% concentrated, has an amazing jumping style and he is extremely fast and agile.

Tine and I also got to do some seightseeing. We went to Verona, the Garda lake, Venice and Garda land. Jiggy went with us to Verona and Venice. Jiggy just loved Venice! It was very hot so I allowed her to dip her feet in the water and before I knew it she was swimming around. So everytime she saw stairs to the water she wanted a dip ;o).

Marco and Francesca had a litter sired by Fetch that was 7 weeks old when we arrived. They where so cute with lots and lots of energy and personality. Jiggy was really interested in the puppies... that was really nice to see.

Thank you so much Marco and Francesca for letting Tine and I stay at your house for the week... It was so nice of you. Thank you Tine for the good company and for being my chauffeur all the time.

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