Today the puppies are two weeks old. In the last week they have all started to walk pretty well and their eyes have started to open. They seem to be exploring more and more and the girls who started opening their eyes first, looks like they can see just a little bit because they are holding their heads higher than normal and today they actually have started "playing" when they are finished eating. I think this coming week is going to be full of development.

The puppies have had a little bit of a bad stomach, but it seems to be over now. Strafe has been under surveillance... He is the smallest puppy at this point in time, but he is gaining in weight every day and is looking good. They are all very equal in size and today the girls are only 39 grams apart and all the puppies have doubled their weight.

Jiggy is now almost allowed to go on her regular walks between ½-1 hour and she is eating like a horse... She is eating 3-4 times more than she usually does and she is still kind of skinny.

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